About Us

Our Story

historyHarold Minty and his knowledgeable staff have been actively involved with bridge building for over 25 years and now respond to all requests for repairs and maintenance as well.  Canada Bridge developed as a division to Minty’s Moving, when a opportunity presented itself to expand into bridgework.

Canada Bridge constructs bridges designed by our own engineers, by your engineers or by government engineers. We are capable of installing bridges from 3 meters to 350 meters and will look at any project. Over the years, we have been contracted to haul bridge girders, perform crane work, use our specialized gantry system and respond to disaster and emergency flooding events.  Our company builds new, repairs old or re-builds existing structures. Our inspection division can identify any structural concerns and our engineer will spec out any deficiencies.

With over 100 new bridges built for government highways, municipalities and private contracts and with over 90 major and minor repairs, Canada Bridge is Western Canada’s largest award winning short span bridge company.  Our crews work on projects in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We are embarking on a new approach with bridges in municipalities which includes an on-going maintenance program combined with financing.  As we become more of an infrastructure partner in your municipality, saving money will become the biggest goal.  Our intent is to be involved with RM’s, to maintain your bridges, keeping them safe for future generations, reducing your liabilities and providing economical alternatives.



Our Mission Statement

We provide customers with a high level of quality services that meets their expectations,  completed in a timely fashion and offered at a competitive price.

We demonstrate our commitment to our company motto “Our Company Stands Up To Close Inspection…Do Your Bridges?”

  • by accepting jobs that require creative thinking and innovative design
  • adapting and diversifying our operation to better meet our customers’ needs
  • providing an environment where both professional and personal growth are encouraged, performance and innovation are recognized and employees are valued and considered an integral part of our team.


Our Business

Canada Bridge strives to constantly improve.  We keep up to date with current construction procedures, attend and provide training opportunities, and reach beyond what we are doing to explore new ventures. Our team is inspired by new ideas and looks forward to learning updated, creative strategies in the construction business.

Our business development department provides infrastructure presentations, bridge inspections, site visits, and the required reports to ensure you have the most current and thorough information.  We offer the opportunity to see what is wrong or right with structures from a bridge builder’s perspective.  Our bridge building strategy can help create a plan for communities to have bridges maintained, repaired or replaced within a 3-8 year time period, including financial options.  We maintain consistent communication and a personal relationship with each of our customers, throughout the development of each project, including follow up.

We continue to uphold the national safety standards set by COR, and promote the safety of our employees daily. The Certificate of Recognition program (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.  The objectives of COR™ are to provide industry employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.


Our Shop


Our main shop consists of 5 mechanical and welding bays and a wash bay. The entire yard has over 15 buildings that store equipment and necessary inventory. We are proud to house current machinery that allows for an efficient and effective work site.

From our team of highly accomplished staff, we gain new ideas which aid in our development of new machinery.  Some exciting accomplishments produced from our shop are innovations like an underwater pile cut-off saw, and a transportable, self-erecting detour bridge.  It is this resourcefulness that enables Canada Bridge to continue to move forward.

Our heavy equipment inventory ranges from 15 cranes, 12 heavy haulers, auger trucks, welding trucks, graders, excavators, over 75 trailers , paving equipment,  a fleet of over 25 ¾ tons,  rock trucks, and a variety of temporary bridges from 75 feet to 110 feet.   It takes tremendous teamwork to keep our company rolling year round.  A well-educated shop foreman keeps our crew motivated. The skills of our knowledgeable staff range from heavy duty mechanics, crane operators, mechanics, welders, machinists, engineers, project managers, COR safety supervisors, logistics, and CET’s.  This extensive workforce enables us to thoroughly maintain our equipment at the shop as well as on site.