Inspection & Maintenance

Canada Bridge provides complimentary inspections for bridges!!  This type of service helps us develop valued relationships with communities.

  1.  We arrange a time to evaluate any bridges of concern in your area
  2.  We inspect them from a bridge builders point of view, and diagnose what needs to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced.
  3.  We then determine which ones require the most attention and put them in order to give you an idea of what repairs you need and when you need to do them.
  4.  We create a personalized Work Book so you can refer to what needs to be done as time and funds become available.
  5.  We then put all of the pertinent information into a user friendly Power Point presentation, and arrange to present our information
  6.  We then go through costs of repair and offer options for financing, if needed.


Contact our office and we would be pleased to discuss opportunities with you.